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Students CO2 Emissions (kg) Without ExamX per month CO2 Emissions (kg) With ExamX per month CO2 Savings (kg)
1 12,5 3,96 8,54
25 312,5 99 213,5

The data is based on the fact that ExamX uses laptops instead of powerful workstations in the school.

Additionally if you hold an exam with Azure you have no additional Co2 emissions, because Azure claims to be carbon neutral: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/explore/global-infrastructure/sustainability/#overview

If your school decides to completely omit workstations which are running in idle for 90% of the time and instead turned the students' laptops into an isolated exam environment using ExamX, the school and the students would greatly benefit from the massively reduced carbon footprint.

In addition, laptops are around 1.5 times more efficient in terms of Co2 emissions during production. This means that if f.e. an workstation emits 23kg of Co2e (Co2 equivalent) at the time of purchase, a comparable laptop would emit about 11kg of Co2e.